Who Doesn’t Like Shopping?

Shopping is an activity most people enjoy. There is no better feeling than when trying on a new outfit or using something new for the first time. The dancers at the Bamachol Department love when Yachad rehearsals begin because that means they can buy new Festival Yachad outfits.

Every year the festival has a different theme; this year, in honor of the Eighteenth Annual Festival Yachad, the theme is חי (chai), LIFE. Our merchandise this year has a color scheme of bright orange and blue. The reason for the bright colors is because the theme is about life, and life is something worth celebrating. The radiant colors depict not only life itself, but the energy involved in it.

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When it comes to Rikudim, when people think of a dance to symbolize life, they think of a Hora. The Hora is the traditional, typical Israeli Dance. The Hora is normally danced at events that celebrate life, for example a wedding. Most people believe that there is no dance that requires more energy than the Hora. Also, when preformed on stage, the dance is performed in blue costumes. The reason for this is because blue is a vibrant color usually associated with both Judaism and Zionism. This is another reason why the dance outfits this year have blue.

For those who don’t like bright clothes, we also sell black hoodies with the festival’s logo as well as black Bamachol sweatpants with the Bamachol logo.

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Come get your new CHAI and Bamachol outfits this Sunday at the general rehersal.


— BamaBlogger Amalia —

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