Rise and Shine! It’s Time to Get Your Rehearsal Game On!

I don’t know what you did this morning, but I sure had a great workout at today’s General Rehearsal for the Maccabi Games Opening! As you know, in six days from today, our annual Maccabi Games opening show is taking place. All groups ranging from seventh grade and up have been working EXTREMELY hard to put together the wonderful performance.

Today’s general rehearsal consisted of two hours of pure concentration (and sweat) as every group rehearsed each of their dances multiple times. It was an extremely exciting moment for all because we were able to see our almost perfected choreographies put together into one show.

An extremely important factor in putting together a performance is the transitions in between dances. In these general rehearsals, our choreographers are extremely cautious when creating these transitions  to make sure that there is absolute flow between the dances. Also, each and every transition is designed to allow every dance group to have a successful costume change.

The amazing thing about this performance is the variety of cultures that are present not only in the audience, but within our dance groups, as well. Maccabi Games is the time of year where people from all different countries unite in one place to celebrate their heritage. In one of our dances for this Saturday, we all represent different countries with flags. I don’t want to give too much away, but all I could say is, the audience will definitely be satisfied with it!

Roger, director of our Department, as well as an incredible choreographer and dancer, led the General Rehearsal today (as he always does). Rehearsals can definitely be stressful for everyone, but mostly for Roger.  Somehow, however, he finds a way to keep his cool and get the show on the road! He completes the rather difficult task of running the rehearsal, playing the music, directing every group throughout the choreographies, and making sure all dancers are doing okay. Also, our awesome choreographers are a tremendous help to Roger in these General Rehearsals, making them as efficient as possible.

Practice makes perfect, which is why these General Rehearsals are crucial. I know I personally benefited a lot from it today, as I fixed several mistakes I was making in the dances. I now feel much more confident for Saturday’s show, and I am sure that many of the other dancers feel the same, too.

So, as you see, it is a long, yet exciting process when putting together a show. We are all super excited to share our performance with all of you this Saturday, and we hope to see you all there! Remember, Maccabi Games is one of the BEST times of the year, and there is no better way to start it off then with the OPENING SHOW brought to you by the one and only…. Bamachol Department!

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