Dance competitions. Delicious arepas. Competitive spirits. I think you know what I’m talking about. Maccabi Games! If you’re a part of any Jewish Community, you would know how important the Maccabi Games are to everyone. If you aren’t familiar with them, then let me break it down for you. The Maccabi Games are a two week long Jewish multi-sporting event, where every sport from basketball to soccer to dance compete¬†in the Games in teams representing multiple countries around the workd. The Games usually take place during the week of Thanksgiving, when the weather is just beginning to get cold. To participate in the games, each person must choose a country team to play with. Everyone plays within an appropriate age group. ¬†The Maccabi Games is probably everyone’s favorite time of the year, where everyone comes together in the spirit of the fun and collective support that the whole community brings to the JCC.


I have been a member of the JCC for 13 years but I have never actually played any games in the Maccabi games. However, what I look forward to the most is the dance competitions between opposing teams. From the age of 12, I have been choreographing Maccabi dances for kid’s teams in fourth grade and up. I have never really been a person interested in any type of rivalries, yet the Maccabi Games always brings out the competitive side in me. Other than the competition, there is a special dance that the girls from my grade have performed for the past two years every Opening Ceremony for the Games that is more on the hip-hop/contemporary spectrum of dance. It’s always super fun learning the dances and even though we all represent different teams, we all dance together and have an amazing time doing so.

Whenever anyone talks about the Maccabi Games, they do it with such happiness and excitement, since everyone looks forward to going and watching or playing in the actual tournaments. Even people who have never been in the actual Games, enjoy coming to watch and support their friends. In this year’s Maccabi, I’ll be participating in the opening along with my dance group “Leaka” and along with the girl’s for the contemporary piece. Also, I will be choreographing the dance for the young girls on the U.S.A team, which I am really excited about. I really hope that you can make it to the games, and if not, at least come the opening night to support our incredible dances!! I promise you will have a blast!


–Bamablogger Julia–

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