What is Our Department Really Made of?

Just when we thought the Bamachol Department could not get any better, our dancers from the Leakah group proved us wrong. For those of you who don’t know, our department has a group categorized “Leakah” , which is divided into three units. First off, you have Kulanu , with the dancers ranging from seventh, to ninth grade. The continuation from Kulanu is Yachad, with dancers from tenth to twelfth grade. After being a part of Yachad, the Bamachol Department offers Hemshech, which gives the opportunity for college students, our choreographers, as well as our dancing mommas, to continue to devote themselves to being a part of our dancing community. Another fantastic edition to our group is “Pre-Leakah”, which is basically a group of 6th and 7th graders who work extremely hard to prepare for their future transition into the Leakah group.

I have been a part of the Leakot group since day one, transitioning from Kulanu into Yachad. My experiences with both groups have been extremely different because I have been able to understand what it is like to be a part of a big group, versus a smaller group. When I was in Kulanu, my group was immense, and so the choreographers took great advantage of this by using the size of the group to deliver very strong, grand choreographies. Performances with so many dancers allowed me to really feel the powerful energy flowing from the stage, into the audience. Although my Yachad group is smaller than my past Kulanu years, the strength that lies within our group remains. Our two choreographers, Tati and Tammy, have used the size of our group to create very imaginative, detailed dances. It is truly incredible to see what they could come up with, as they have an extremely specific vision for their choreographies.

Already proud of my Yachad group, I could not be more impressed with the current Kulanu girls. This year’s Kulanu group consists of about thirty dancers who have been working extremely hard t pull off incredible dances. Vania Mishkin is the only tenth grader who is a part of Yachad and although she is only one, she definitely makes an impact. She has been dancing with our department for a very long time, and she only continues to develop more skills throughout her years at Bamachol. She has remained a part of the Department not only to continue her passion for dancing, but also to be a role model for the younger ones in the group. With Vania being the role model for the younger ones, we have Tali Zighelboim and Elizabeth Silberman, two seniors, who play the role in inspiring the girls from Yachad to continue to prosper their love for Rikudim. These two amazing dancers have been with us since they were just little girls, basically learning to dance before they could even speak. They are the perfect example in demonstrating what it’s like to have a true passion. Tali and Elizabeth will be off to college in less than a year, so it is very difficult for them to say that this year might be their last year performing on stage for our Annual Festival Yachad for a while. Luckily, they have the opportunity to come back and be a part of our Hemshech group, where we have had many college students in the past, and still do.

Hemshech consists of a vast amount of our own choreographers, as well as mothers, who just can’t get enough of Rikudim! Our Hemshech dancers really serve as role models for the whole Department, and without them, we would not be where we are today. Just when I thought I have been with th Department for a long time, many of these women have been a part of our Bamachol family since day one. It is amazing to say that there are about 700 dancers in the Department and every single one of us share the same passion for Rikudim.

Nothing feels more satisfying then knowing that the community we live in is so enthusiastic about continuing to spread our Jewish cultures through traditional Jewish songs our ancestors used to sing. Hopefully our Leakot dancers influence the other dancers in continuing to devote time to Rikudim, and spreading the love to our community by showing them how we take what we love most, and incorporate it with our Jewish heritage.

— BamaBlogger Talia —

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