Top Three Favorite Performances!

Every dancer has some choreographies that they enjoy performing more than others. I’ve danced in countless┬ádances in the past fourteen years, and I actually can remember them all. Whether it’s ballet or hip-hop, I have to say that my Israeli-dances are the numbers that I remember the most and hold nearest to my heart. I have created a list of the top three dances that I’ve loved performing and I’m going to share with you why I loved dancing them. So let’s begin. First comes “Fatima”. “Fatima” is a dance that I performed when I was in the seventh grade, and I performed it for the first time in the 2010 Maccabi Games. I originally only enjoyed dancing “Fatima” because I was the point of the triangle in the first position of the dance. As I learned the rest of the counts and┬ámoves, I loved how up-beat the music was and how the dance involved a lot of energy and spirit. The dance also included all of the leakot groups, and it’s always fun performing with other age groups.

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Second would have to be the “Rainbow'” dance which was performed on several occasions, but originally in Barcelona, Spain in 2011. It was my favorite dance because of the terrific costumes that we used that unravelled every time we released the top strap. From the color purple, to blue, to green, the costume kept on surprising the audience. Out of every dance performance I’ve ever participated in, the “Rainbow” dance received the biggest applause and most acknowledgment and praise. It’s the best feeling when a secret is finally revealed in front of a huge audience and it is received so incredibly. We always had an amazing time performing that dance, even though it took a lot of practice making sure that we always revealed the right color and were in-sync the whole time. We also won with the “Rainbow” dance in the folklore category in Barcelona. It was super exciting!


Lastly, my third favorite dance to perform was the “Ethiopian” dance. The Ethiopian dance was a blast to perform because it was dynamic and every position was thought out extremely carefully. Our costume was also comfortable and jungle-like, which was amazing and looked awesome on stage. I performed the “Ethiopian” dance about four times, on different occasions. Every time I get off the stage, I am out of breath and I have all this adrenaline from just performing this Ethiopian dance that I adore so much. There are also a lot of hip-hop variations included in the choreography, which of course I loved. Ultimately, any dance that requires a lot of energy and cheerful music, interests me.


I’ve loved dancing every dance I’ve ever performed in. Essentially, ‘Fatima’, ‘Rainbow’, and ‘Ethiopian’ were my favorite dances I’ve been a part of, and I’m more than blessed and lucky to have such amazing choreographers teaching me every day.

–BamaBlogger Julia–

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