Tammy the Choreographer….and Bamachol Stylist!

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when putting together a successful show. Of course, the choreography itself is extremely important because our main goal is to try and deliver our Israeli heritage through the art of dance. However, something that is crucial, as well, is costume design.



Luckily, we have the wonderful Tammy Slimak in the Bamachol Department who does not only serve as one of the BEST choreographers, but also our ultimate costume stylist! Tammy takes the responsibility in taking measurements for each and every dancer, designing  the costumes to correlate with the theme of the choreography, placing orders for the costumes, and making sure every dancer’s costume fits just right! The list goes on and on, but as you can see, Tammy devotes a lot of her time into this.

You must take a moment to realize that our Department has around 700 dancers, and each group has around 2-3 dances. This equals to A LOT of costumes, but with Tammy around, there is never a problem. For those of you who have seen our shows, there is always detail in every costume that somehow incorporates the moral of the dance. For example, I performed a dance that was actually choreographed by Tammy, known as the “Rainbow Dance”. In this dance, our costume consisted of  5 layers of material, with the front and back stuck together at the top of our shoulders. Each layer was a different color, and  gradually, every dancer simultaneously detached the velcro from the top of the shoulders. Eventually, the layer of material would fall down to our waste and would expose a new color. By the end of the dance, all layers were off, and every dancer was left with a beautiful aqua leotard detailed with rainbow sequins. The audience’s response was absolutely priceless, as they were definitely not expecting each layer to reveal a new bright color and our costume to finish off like that. With that said, it is obvious that a costume affects the way a dance is perceived, and without Tammy’s creative eye, our dances would not communicate as beautifully as they do. Thank you, Tammy!!

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