Kachol VeLavan

The theme of the 2018 Festival Yachad is “Israel 70”. This theme is very personal and will incorporate every aspect of religion and culture through the art of dance.

“Blue and White

this is my color

Blue and White

the colors of my land…”

Kachol VeLavan, or the colors blue and white, are extremely important to the state of Israel because of their true symbolistic values. The blue on the Israeli flag is associated with knowledge, power, and integrity and the white on the flag is associated with peace, purity, and perfection.

IMG_9426        IMG_9419

For this festival, the 8th Graders will be performing a dance to the very popular “Kachol VeLavan,” a traditional Israeli dance depicting the beautiful blue and white to show a version of their own Israel. The choreography has a mix of different steps, effects, and costumes to demonstrate how  important these colors are to Judaism.



— Bamablogger Valen —


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