5…6…5,6,7 GOOO!!!

If you’ve ever taken a class at the Bamachol Dance Department, you know what diagonals are; and if you haven’t, it would be my pleasure to explain.

This specific method of teaching dancers is called “Diagonals” because it requires dancers to start at one corner of the studio and travel across, diagonally, with a certain step.

Diagonals are essential to each and every dance class at the Bamachol Dance Department. They help dancers to improve and allow choreographers to measure improvement. Diagonals give the opportunity to get warmed up in a fun and social way while working on their flexibility and practicing steps from the choreography.


One of the main reasons choreographers incorporate diagonals into every class is to get a feel for each dancer. Since the dancers practice the steps two at a time, they have more space and feel less intimidated. Choreographers also benefit from this sense of space because they get to focus on just two dancers at a time.

Through diagonals, dancers are exposed to new steps and encouraged to exit their comfort zones. Choreographers use diagonals to experiment with new steps and improve the overall level of the class in an encouraging way. Also, Diagonals build confidence in the dancers by aiding them in getting steps and ready to perform too.


You never know what you can do until you try!

-Bamablogger Valen-

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